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020 3488 3290

About Us

We are JOYdevs. We design, create and develop Magento e-commerce websites, bespoke iOS & Android applications and integrations. Our passion is driving businesses to succeed through our ability and insight. If you’re looking for experienced, innovative Magento developers, we can help!

Our specialist team dedicate their time to every project, ensuring you experience the best Magento has to offer. Our international client base demonstrates our level of expertise. We push your business beyond its limits, implementing creative designs, keeping abreast of current industry trends, driving product sales ensuring your brand makes its mark, whatever your industry.


Our Front Line

Our team of hand-picked experts constantly strive to offer you the best of your website or digital application. Our portfolios are evidence of our experience and extensive client base. Our insight into the ecommerce industry is really what sets us apart from the competition.


Web Development
An expert at everything Magento. His knowledge and experience is evident through the quality of his work. Managing his own team of skilled developers, he is able to achieve the most from your e-commerce website.


Founder & Developer
“I know what ‘the little guys’ need to succeed. I started as a Webmaster managing Magento websites for small startups. From my experience I have formed a team that can truly deliver the very best to any company trying to get its foot into the e-commerce or digital industry.”


Mobile Development
A skilled expert in the development of mobile applications, his experience and insight ensures your idea is perfected, whatever the platform. Operating his own team of skilled developers, no project is too big or small!

Development Sub Team

Adjustable team of developers based on project scope and deadline.


Copyrighter & Illustrator
Jade delivers clean, informative and SEO friendly content for our clients. Jade has a keen eye for design; from sketches to logo design, her ability in content creation is unrivalled.


Senior Project Manager 🇺🇸
Josh manages the planning, procurement and execution of projects, small and large, for our US clients. He is the face of our US team and delivers a true client experience.


Sales & Operations Manager
Sophia’s focus is to analyse and improve the organisational process of our team, working to increase the quality, productivity and efficiency of our work. Sophia interacts directly with new and existing clients to ensure the successful delivery of projects.


Lead Graphic Designer
Santhyah has years of experience in graphic design, animation and editing. Her level of skill and ability helps bring clients dream concepts to life.


Security Consultant
Tarek is our security expert. Experience as a Level 2 SOC analyst; Tarek ensures our team maintains a strong focus on protection when building or maintaining environments for our clients.