Alissan Property

Our team were tasked to create a completely bespoke WordPress site for our client to sell Luxury Property and Construction Services in Kalkan, Türkiye.


Luxury property search.

We integrated Google Maps API search functionality within the Alissan Website to allow users to filter properties by location, price, and other criteria. This makes it easy for potential buyers to find their dream property.


Creating an iconic design.

We used high level, modern design principles to create a completely bespoke theme for Alissan Property. The design utilises a clean, modern color palette, high-quality images, and a layout that is both intuitive and visually appealing for all devices.


Land for sale in Türkiye.

Clients can also search for plots of land for sale based on their preferred location, size, and price range. Plot information is detailed for the client in a sleek design and includes photos, maps, and descriptions of the surrounding area.

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