DSI • TV asked us to resolve many issues and provide a much improved platform for their Video on Demand service, which streams live and on-demand dance events to a global audience.


Crucial fixes and performance upgrades.

In order to improve the stability of the DSI • TV website we implemented a number of fixes and improvements. We spent time crushing bugs to get the platform up to spec, resulting in a significantly improved hub for their loyal subscribers. Since DSI • TV has a vast Video on Demand catalogue, it was imperative to ensure the platform was both functional and easy to use.


Restructured pricing for subscriptions.

We worked with the DSI • TV team to restructure and improve the pricing models for each of the subscription packages they offer. Our team also implemented the ability for customers to purchase events on a PPV (Pay Per View) basis, generating a fresh revenue stream from the DSI • TV platform.


Responsive and optimised user interface.

One important factor to consider with a Video on Demand platform is to ensure that customers are able to enjoy the content from a range of devices and screen sizes. Our team made sure the DSI • TV website was both functional and optimised for the end user, regardless of which device they use.

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