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This Week With JOYdevs

We use every moment of our day to provide an expert level of service to our clients. Our team has the ability to work on every solution for your business, from building and designing your site, to rethinking your logo or company branding. Whatever your requirement may be, we have it covered.

JOYdevs has always been the number one choice for emerging entrepreneurs, as we offer affordable pricing and an impressive client service. We are currently working on a range of exciting projects, including the build and design of a new website, the redesign of a video streaming platform and the creation of a logo for an exciting new business in the fitness world.

Each of these exciting projects are detailed below:


More recently we had the pleasure of designing a fresh logo for a start-up gym wear brand named 7SEVEN UK.

This company has a fantastic vision for what they want to achieve in the future, with the planning of an online store already underway. What we love about 7SEVEN is the unique ideas and approach they have to distinguish their brand, and the ambition they have to grow as a business.

You can check out their Instagram account here.


As mentioned in one of our last updates, DSI London has been one of the leading brands in the DanceSport industry for the last 50 years. We are proud to announce that we have just launched on a truly stunning redesign of the DSI • TV Website. This redesign will offer a drastically improved user interface and experience. It will include new, interactive features like video commenting and favouriting, so viewers can make the most out of the huge library of content offered on the DSI TV platform.

To expand the site’s functionality, we have also included new and useful account controls to improve the subscription experience. Some gaps in the platform were also present and needed to be filled, so we also built and designed some new pages to ensure DSI TV provides the same level of quality as other top notch, streaming platforms.

Working on these wide range of projects clearly demonstrates the versatility of our team. We can’t wait to show you what else we have coming ?

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DSI London goes from strength to strength with JOYdevs

DSI London has been a stronghold in the Dance industry for the last 50 years, having established a dominance in the world of Ballroom and Latin dance by selling quality, bespoke, dance related products through their online store. Their reach is impressive and from their expertise were partnered with the BBC for being the official designers and creators of the dresses and outfits featured on the UK TV show “Strictly Come Dancing”.

Wanting to take their brand to the next level, DSI London took a leap in the world of online video streaming, giving birth to DSI TV, their very own video subscription platform.

DSI TV live streams all the action from the world’s top Ballroom and Latin championships to their global viewer base, as well as offering a wealth of on demand footage including masterclasses, interviews and archival footage of past competitions.

One of the main inspirations for the birth of DSI TV was the recognition that we all indulge in watching our favourite Movies, TV Series or Sport. Therefore blurring these lines to combine all areas of technology into a winning platform, was crucial for the dance world.

JOYdevs are a proud eCommerce partner for DSI London. They have been one of our most long-standing clients, and we have been providing them with our services from the last 2-3 years. DSI London is the perfect example of combining almost everything at a single platform and we at JOYdevs help DSI manage all of it effectively.

After working on their web store, DSI London trusted us with improving the functionality of their TV site as they were previously left with crucial components of the platform broken which were draining company funds. We improved the overall functionality of their TV site and fixed these components, helping them stitch the hole in their pocket – while also charging half what their previous developers did.

Not only do we perform the day-to-day management of their Store and their Video Platform, we provide DSI London with further development and design of both sites, as well as using our expertise to locate and implement major fixes.

One of the most essential elements of any video platform is the growth of subscription numbers, and we were able to put a focus on increasing subscription figures by adding IP limiting to the DSI TV platform. IP limiting ensures there is only one active device per account at a single time, so this naturally increased the demand for subscriptions since implementation.

We have also added great new features to the DSI store, such as a fun area on the site where users can track the DSI Elite performers (some of the top, hand-picked dancers in the world that work closely with DSI). In this area, users can view photos and videos of their favourite dancer and also connect to the dancers via their social media platforms.

Latin and Ballroom music CDs are some of the most popular products sold on the DSI store. We enhanced the CD section of the site by adding a CD sample feature, where users can preview short clips of the music sold on a CD, through a friendly and responsive HTML5 player. This has enhanced the user experience of the website and provides a more interesting and functional store for the users to browse. We also put a focus on the admin side of this feature, ensuring it was as easy as possible for DSI staff to upload and manage the audio samples for each CD product.

To conclude, JOYdevs is proud to be a part of such a company and help them grow their business. We believe in delivering the best to our clients, and creating milestones for ourselves. This was one of them.

You can check out the DSI London website using the link below :