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We use every moment of our day to provide an expert level of service to our clients. Our team has the ability to work on every solution for your business, from building and designing your site, to rethinking your logo or company branding. Whatever your requirement may be, we have it covered.

JOYdevs has always been the number one choice for emerging entrepreneurs, as we offer affordable pricing and an impressive client service. We are currently working on a range of exciting projects, including the build and design of a new website, the redesign of a video streaming platform and the creation of a logo for an exciting new business in the fitness world.

Each of these exciting projects are detailed below:


More recently we had the pleasure of designing a fresh logo for a start-up gym wear brand named 7SEVEN UK.

This company has a fantastic vision for what they want to achieve in the future, with the planning of an online store already underway. What we love about 7SEVEN is the unique ideas and approach they have to distinguish their brand, and the ambition they have to grow as a business.

You can check out their Instagram account here.


As mentioned in one of our last updates, DSI London has been one of the leading brands in the DanceSport industry for the last 50 years. We are proud to announce that we have just launched on a truly stunning redesign of the DSI • TV Website. This redesign will offer a drastically improved user interface and experience. It will include new, interactive features like video commenting and favouriting, so viewers can make the most out of the huge library of content offered on the DSI TV platform.

To expand the site’s functionality, we have also included new and useful account controls to improve the subscription experience. Some gaps in the platform were also present and needed to be filled, so we also built and designed some new pages to ensure DSI TV provides the same level of quality as other top notch, streaming platforms.

Working on these wide range of projects clearly demonstrates the versatility of our team. We can’t wait to show you what else we have coming ?