Sommer Butikken

Our team were tasked to resolve problems with the Sommer Butikken website and implement changes to improve the overall performance for their growing customer base.


Identifying issues, presenting solutions.

A planned approach was taken to identify practical solutions for the issues we had discovered on the Sommer Butikken platform. We worked hard to implement fixes to their checkout and cart pages, to reduce the number of failed checkouts customers were experiencing. Since the implementation of this fix, the platform has seen a noticeable increase in the number of conversions being received.


Improved shipping options.

Our development team spent time customising the shipping methods and checkout present on the Sommer Butikken website. We wanted to ensure a hassle-free and well co-ordinated checkout process for every customer, so it was crucial to consider all bases for the options customers may require when placing an order.


Responsive improvements.

A large amount of Sommer Butikken orders are received from customers on the move from their mobile devices, therefore our team dedicated time to apply several responsive optimisations to the store, improving the user experience for its mobile users.

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